Week 2

Stuff we learned/did 

  • This week we left the friendly and familiar land of JavaScript, which had been starting to feel almost as natural as writing in human English, and entered the murky waters of “The Back End.” In developer speak, this means servers, Internet protocols, and databases (mostly just servers, if you want to get technical, but the other two are deeply involved). JavaScript was originally designed to be a front-end language, but with Node.js, it has become possible to use it for back end tasks as well (and in some ways it is very well-suited for this). Basically everyone and their mother has written some or other library that extends the capabilities of Node.js, and many of them are very useful. What that boils down to is that we have been learning a new technology about every 2.5 hours.

My Favorite Parts 

  • SQL is a programming language designed specifically to work with databases (arguably the programming language for databases). This week we learned SQL in about 24 hours. I went from knowing nothing about it to being quite confident in my ability to use it for normal tasks. That was pretty cool

Code and the City 

  • I’m still trying to like this place. I’m currently mad about the fact that I have to swipe my subway pass about 20 times before it will let me in, which causes me to miss a lot of trains and get a lot of funny looks, but I still have 3 days left on it so what can you do.

Overall Impressions

  • I can no longer complain that this is too easy.

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