Hello friends, prospective coding Bootcamp students, complete randos, mom. The last time blogged, I was writing about my super fun times studying architecture in Copenhagen in the fall of 2013. Since then, I have performed a number of 180-degree career pivots, involving a two-year stint as a math teacher, and have now landed at the precipice of something very exciting.

I have been toying with the idea of a career in computer programming ever since I took my first (and only) official computer science course as a freshman in college. On and off since then I have become engrossed with codeacademy courses, coding challenges, and even applied to a different Bootcamp two years ago, only to back down because I wasn’t entirely sure it was the right path for me. I finally got serious late this winter when I ran into my Ghost of Christmas Future (long story) at a board game café and had one of those sudden moments of clarity.

I started Free Code Camp* shortly after that, and soon found myself hiding in the teacher’s lounge working on coding projects while I was supposed to be doing my real job. I took this as a good sign, and applied for some in-person coding Bootcamps so that I could take this thing to the next level. Ultimately, I decided on Grace Hopper Academy, which is where I am now.

Well, not physically. The first four weeks are remote, and I will write a little more about what I have been working on during this segment in my next post. For now this post is plenty long, I personally rarely read more than three paragraphs of anything on the internet. Join me on my journey through learning to code and living in New York for the first time! I promise to keep it brief and witty while also insightful and informative, you know how I am. Thanks for reading.

*For anyone out there interested in learning to code or do web development, I simply cannot recommend Free Code Camp enough as a place to start. They walk you through the basics of HTML/CSS and Javascript, then set you loose on projects that build a ton of independence and real-life skills. The community is also great and extremely helpful. Definitely check it out.

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